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  • URN: 43.25
  • Artist Name : TURNER, J. M. W. (RA)
  • Artwork Name: Nelson’s Ship The Victory In The Battle Of Trafalgar - 2005 (Restrike Etching after J. M. W. Turner, 1824)
  • Printing Process: Restrike Etching
  • Support Surface: Paper
  • Overall Size (w x h, cms): 111 x 88 cms
  • Image Size (w x h, cms): 89 x 65.5 cms
  • Price: £345.00
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  • Locale of work: Spain, Cape Trafalgar, Cádiz
  • Category: Prints
  • Print Category: Modern Prints
  • Subject Category: Event - Occasion And Historical And Seascape - Marine
  • Colour: Colour
  • Colour Application: Original Hand Colour
  • Condition of Artwork: Very good - some very slight waving of the paper.
  • Framing State: Framed, Mounted, Glazed
  • Engraver: BURNET, John
  • Notes: This is a later Restrike Etching after the original painting in 1824 by J. M. W Turner (RA) of Nelson's ship, The Victory, at the historic Battle of Trafalgar. The text underneath its Title reads: 'with Signals made "England expects every man to do his duty"'. The painting combines events from several times during the battle; Nelson's famous signal "England expects..." flies from the Victory (11:50); the top-mizzenmast falls (13:00); the Achille is on fire in the background (late afternoon) and the Redoubtable sinks in the foreground (following day). Turner shows the Victory flying her signal flags from the main-mast, although in actuality they would have been flown from the mizzen-mast and were replaced with the signal for "engage the enemy more closely" once the battle commenced.
  • Further Information: After a painting by J. M. W. Turner, R. A in 1824. 'The Battle of Trafalgar' was the only work that Turner created by ‘royal command' of King George IV late in 1822 for the painted hall at Greenwich and on the advice of Sir Thomas Lawrence, President of the Royal Academy. The original oil painting on canvas was the largest piece Turner ever completed and was met with the most public controversy of all his works since it was not considered to be historically accurate. Turner chose to combine events from several times during the battle.
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